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A promising company in the technology space which fills the gap for innovation in healthcare. Founded by Nishant Nambiar an avid techno-commercial person who has over a decade of experience in finding innovative technology solutions to clients problems in various geography. Representation in multiple business groups like CII and Entrepreneurship associations. Speaker at healthcare conferences to understand the IT perspective in hospital and clinics scenarios. An avid traveller and a problem solver.

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We foresee a big revolution in health care sector where the medical data will play the pivotal role. We focus on developing innovative solutions which will enhance a flawless data exchange (interoperability) between different stake holder’s applications.

Our vision is to develop an Electronic Health Care Hub from where one can get all information relating to Health care and through which applications and devices can exchange data with all health care service providers. Vinod Sasi, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer.

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Artifical Intelligence aided EMR integration platform with speciality based customisation & simple screens liked by Doctors endorsed by technology companies to lower healthcare costs by standardisation & auto reporting features globally

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  • Robust research and development
  • Present in India and Middle East
  • Partners in different countries
  • Alliances with private and government sectors
  • Compliance with Healthcare, Regulatory, and Terminology Standards

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